What is Digital Baobab

What we do

At Digital Baobab we enable banks, mobile operator and other organisations to develop and successfully bring to market the ideas that will shape the future of their industries. We are a digital strategy and business consulting provider who believes that ‘strategy is execution’. We evangelise innovation, product innovation and market execution. We help organisations think and act like lean fintech startups, to build up the optimal internal capabilities and external partner relationships to ensure that they bring the right digital products to their markets.

Why us

At Digital Baobab we have experience across banking, payments, mobile and technology spanning three decades. During that time, we have witnessed fundamental change in these industries which continues apace. Today, business models, product development and customer experiences are all being rewritten because of digital disruption. We believe that not only is there much to learn from past change, but that there can be a cross-fertilisation of experiences across these different industries and, furthermore, that new disruptive methods can be learnt and applied by incumbent organisations. And we can help your organisation in realising that.

How we can help you – Financial Services

Financial services face a headwind of digital, technological and regulatory change. As the open-API economy become standard, new fintechs are attempting to gain a foothold in the industry, threatening to disrupt existing revenue streams and disintermediate organisations from their customers. However, the move to this open-API ecosystem brings with it opportunities to financial services incumbents. At Digital Baobab we can help you:

  • navigate the maze of disruptive API-focused regulations such as PSD2
  • develop your Open Banking strategies as part of your digital transformation program
  • structure you internally to enable you to innovate like fintechs
  • bring digital products to market quicker by introducing lean product development methods
  • develop compelling consumer propositions for the products you deliver
  • identify potential fintechs for partnering/acquisition as you expand your digital ecosystem

Download our brochure to today to find out more how we can help you. Also for those interested in PSD2 you can find our factsheet here

How we can help you – Fintechs

The move to open APIs across financial services brings with it a world of opportunity to innovate and disrupt. Yet to launch and achieve scale can require more than developing the right product. At Digital Baobab we can help you:

  • navigate the maze of disruptive API-focused regulations such as PSD2
  • advise you on security and compliance standards for financial services
  • enable you with industry specific knowledge for banking, payments and insurance
  • identify the right financial services partner to help you scale your business
  • assist you in the regulatory and strategic implications in the wake of Brexit
  • help you in identifying alternative European locations in the wake of Brexit

Download our brochure today to find out more how we can help you. Also, for those interested in PSD2 you can find out more information in our factsheet here

How we can help you – Mobile Operators

Many operators are looking to develop their own mCommerce offerings. Bringing a new digital product to market can be daunting, as the mixed results with MFS have shown us. However the chances of success can be optimised by introducing basic lean startup discipline and a high-tech approach to product marketing. At Digital Baobab we can:

  • advise you on the right digital product strategy for your market
  • ensure right structures, skills and processes are in place to enable you to bring it to market
  • build up core competencies within product management and product marketing
  • audit your current digital product set, benchmarking against global best practice
  • help execute your initial mCommerce strategy (sourcing content, partner engagement, consumer propositions, app strategy etc)

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How we can help you – Technology Vendors

MNOs and FS providers are looking for technology partners who can help them to sell to their market. Enabling your clients to bring successful digital products to market should be an essential part of your B2B2C offering and is an attractive proposition at both CTO and CIO levels (and opens up both budget streams). Not only will it make your platform more attractive to your buyer, it will also drive transaction volumes and allow you to move beyond initial MFS use cases into other areas such as mCommerce. Bringing a partnership approach to the new digital landscape will open up new revenue streams ensuring the long term viability of your technology and your client relationships.

By partnering with Digital Baobab we can equip you with the necessary B2B2C product marketing and selling capabilities, ensuring your client has the best chance of succeeding when launching their digital products. Download our brochure to learn more. Also, for those interested in PSD2 you can find out more in our factsheet here