Who is Digital Baobab


Our experience across the mobile, banking, payments and technology industries spans three decades. In that time we have witnessed seismic change. Digital is the latest catalyst of change giving rise to an army of lean and agile Fintech startups threatening to disintermediate financial services providers from their existing customers. 

It is our belief that if these organisations could bring the same discipline to their digital product development as the Fintechs that threaten to disrupt them do, they would significantly enhance their prospects for success. Marrying this with appropriate product marketing skills, as mastered in the high-tech industries, would increase those chances even further.

We launched Digital Baobab to bring these skills and disciplines to organisations to ensure they can bring successful digital products to market, remain relevant in their industries and maintain their relationships with their customers


The Baobab  tree [‘bau-bab’ or ‘bay-o-bab’ depending on your location] is a symbol of life, positivity and well being across Africa. It can hold up to 5000 litres of water in its trunk, its fruit is a super food and whole families have been known to live in its trunk. Combined with its disproportionate yet compelling features and sheer majesty, it is worthy of any organisation. Furthermore its ability to thrive in harsh environmental conditions provides an apt metaphor for companies attempting to survive in today’s digital landscape.


Digital Baobab is lead by Killian Clifford who has multiple years experience across financial services and digital, both business facing and technology roles. Killian also runs Mobile Money Consulting, a specialist consultancy focusing on mobile financial services .

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